Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner

Leonhardt, Andrä and Partner (“LAP”) was founded in 1939 in Munich by the engineer Fritz Leonhardt, later best known worldwide as Professor Leonhardt. In 1953 his long-term partner Wolfhart Andrae joined in and the “Leonhardt and Andrä” partnership was established in the city of Stuttgart, where the era of the large Rhine bridges and television towers began. The private limited partnership was founded in 1970 and finally turned into the public limited company “Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner AG” as it exists today in 2013. Our head office is still located in Stuttgart while branch offices and agencies have been established throughout Germany and abroad.

LAP provides the complete range of structural consulting engineering services including feasibility studies, cost estimates, design, construction engineering, site supervision, checking of calculations and drawings, foundations, evaluation of existing structures and expertise and design of repair, rehabilitation and retrofit. We also act as experts for international advisory boards for all types of structures such as bridges, buildings, industrials plants and towers. Our highly specialised personnel with a combined experience of many decades stands ready for the sophisticated design of all kind of buildings. We are continuously involved in new developments and pride ourselves with finding a solution for any kind of challenge. Already for some years, most of our projects are being designed in 3-D.