INSTITUT FRANCAIS DES SCIENCES ET TECHNOLOGIES DES TRANSPORTS, DE L'AMENAGEMENT ET DES RESEAUX- IFSTTAR. IFSTTAR is a major player in the European research on the city and the territories, transportation and civil engineering. The French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks, born on January 1st 2011, from the merger of INRETS and LCPC, is a Public Institution of a Scientific and Technical Nature, under the joint supervision of the ministry of ecology, sustainable development and energy and the ministry of higher education and research.

New organization of reference in the international arena, IFSTTAR conducts applied research and expert appraisals in the fields of transport, infrastructure, natural hazards and urban issues with the aim of improving the living conditions of our fellow citizens and, more widely, promoting the sustainable development of our societies. The Institute’s principal aims are:

  • To carry out fundamental and applied research, perform methodological studies and develop tests and prototypes;
  • To conduct all types of expert appraisals and advisory work in the fields mentioned in the above paragraph;
  • To implement a scientific and technical information policy and disseminate the knowledge gained, in particular through publications, technical regulations and standards;
  • To pursue a policy to exploit the results of its scientific and technological research, in particular by means of technical support, technology transfer and certification tests;
  • To play a role in training by and for research and both vocational and in-service training;
  • To help to export its expertise and the techniques it develops and gain better international exposure for them

Implied laboratories: