Comunidad de Madrid VIA M Dirección General de Carreteras

Comunidad de Madrid - VIA M Dirección General de Carreteras. Community of Madrid is the region in Spain containing the capital city, Madrid, with up to 6.445.499 of inhabitants, and is by far the most densely populated. Even though it contains the centre of the national radial highway system, the Madrid regional government has dedicated vast resources during the last decade to upgrade the regional road network and, where necessary, create new high-capacity roads that both complement the national system and vertebrate zones of the community not covered by the national network.

The General Directorate of Roads and infrastructures is the part of the Madrid’s regional government dedicated to promote the development of infrastructures in the region, especially roads. Currently, the Community of Madrid is looking for new environmentally friendly solutions for the construction of roads and infrastructures allowing it to move towards a more sustainable development. As a Public Body, it will use the contract laws of the public sector to offer biddings for the construction of roads taking into account sustainability principles.