Test and Monitoring layout

This report is part of the Infravation research project “Fast and effective solution for steel bridges life-time extension”. Within Work Package 5 “Real case demonstration of the methodology”, the adopted strengthening system for Jarama Bridge in Madrid, Spain, is to be validated by means of a well-defined experimental campaign regarding static, dynamic, application and durability topics of the assembly. This Deliverable 5.5 links directly to D4.2, D4.4, D5.3 and D5.5: • D4.2 FASSTbridge strengthening system verification report, which, amongst others, researches the influence of the insertion of the delamination sensor. • D4.4 FASSTbridge methodology, which in parts describes the monitoring strategy and the concept of the delamination sensor. • D5.3 Implementation of FASSTbridge strengthening system in Jarama Bridge: describes the strengthening process carried out on site in the Jarama Bridge. • D5.5 FASSTbridge technical, environmental and cost benefit report – Study case, which shows the analysis of the data collected on site. A strengthening system with adhesively bonded CFRP reinforcement was developed in the Infravation project FASSTbridge to extend the remaining fatigue lifetime of existing steel bridge constructions. On-site loading tests were carried out to verify the system’s effectiveness. Furthermore, the premature debonding of CFRP and steel is seen as a major risk to lose the contribution of the retrofitting system. Consequently, an ultrathin debonding sensor was developed and integrated in the adhesive layer between steel and CFRP as part of the strengthening system. It is suited for continuous monitoring of the integrity of the adhesive joint. The deliverable collects the data form the on-site testing and explains the underlying physical principles of the debonding sensor. It gives insight into the performed tests for the calibration and verification of its functionality.