Implementation of FASSTbridge strengthening system in the Jarama bridge

This report is part of the Infravation research project “Fast and effective solution for steel bridges life-time extension”. Within Work Package 5 “Real case demonstration of the methodology”, the adopted strengthening system for Jarama Bridge in Madrid, Spain, is to be validated by means of a well-defined experimental campaign regarding static, dynamic, application and durability topics of the assembly. This Deliverable uses the results from WP2 and WP4 to assess the condition of the existing bridge and to determine its remaining service lifetime. Then, the extended service life according to given repair and strengthening actions is calculated. Repair and maintenance costs will be accounted for in each of the proposed actions. The most suitable option from this analysis is selected for implementation in task 5.3. This Deliverable 5.3 links directly to D5.2 and D5.4, which are described below: D5.2 Implementation of FASSTbridge methodology in Jarama Bridge: describes the bridge service life recalculation and strengthening design following procedures produced in WP4 and considering also the results from WP2 and WP3. D5.4 Test and monitoring layout: Results and analysis of the data collected. Configuration of the test and sensors network for monitoring. Gathers the data collected from the bridge sensor network