FASSTBRIDGE_D5 1__Jarama bridge real case scenario_Final

This report is part of the Infravation research project FASSTbridge “Fast and effective solution for steel bridges life-time extension”. The document is related to Task 5.1 Design of the intervention: current bridge condition, bridge life-time recalculation and strengthening action within WP5 Real case demonstration of the solution. The report is dedicated to the description, analysis and evaluation of the current status of the bridge where the demonstration activities will be performed. This report is composed of four distinct parts: • The first part is dedicated to introduce the location of the bridge. • The second part is focused on the description of the bridge, describing its accesses and its different parts. • The third part analyse the original project dated in 1962 to understand how the bridge was designed and constructed. • The last part includes the information related to the detailed inspection carried out in the bridge including visual inspection, analysis of welded joints, paint analysis and tests and material characterization tests.