FASSTBRIDGE_D2.2_Design application and maintenance procedures_v1.0

This report is part of the Infravation research project “Fast and effective solution for steel bridges life-time extension”. Within working package 2 “Life-time expectancy for existing steel bridges: assessment methods and evaluation techniques”, this report is part of the second delivery, Work Package 2.2, for the definition of design, application and maintenance of the strengthening system and definition of innovative monitoring strategies. This report will first revise the existing literature and state-of-art of strengthening steel structures with CFRP-laminates to distinguish FASSTbridge approach from existing research. On several sample applications from all over Europe and the USA, the successful use of CFRP on steel bridges is documented. Typical fatigue-prone details are discussed and explained, to detect parts of a structure before fatigue damage occurs. In several examples different kind of attachment of CFRP-laminates and their strengthening output are evaluated with regard to the strengthening approach suitable for FASSTbridge. Doing this, the three-step-path of Diagnosis, Safety Evaluation and Design of Intervention is explained and provides a basis for the developed methodology. Dealing with the intervention strategy and maintenance, protocols are developed based on existing standards and procedures to achieve fast and quality interventions to apply the strengthening and to ensure swift and effective interventions. Monitoring strategies are established and to be applied in the strengthening intervention with two complementary options: Quality control as short time monitoring for early evaluation and Maintenance as a continuous monitoring to control the fatigue damage on site. These options will provide data for its use in probabilistic assessment methods. The Monitoring Application techniques will be defined and then specified and fine-tuned in WP 4 before their demonstration in WP5.