FASSTBRIDGE technical, environmental and cost benefit report- Study case

This report is part of the Infravation research project “Fast and effective solution for steel bridges life-time extension”. Within Work Package 5 “Real case demonstration of the methodology”, the adopted strengthening system for Jarama Bridge in Madrid, Spain, is to be validated by means of a well-defined experimental campaign regarding static, dynamic, application and durability topics of the assembly. This Deliverable is the result of the works developed within task 5.4 Results and conclusions: technical, environmental and economic assessment of the FASSTbridge solution. This Deliverable 5.5 links directly to D5.3 and D5.4: D5.3 Implementation of FASSTbridge strengthening system in Jarama Bridge (M28-DRAGADOS): describes the strengthening process carried out on site in the Jarama Bridge. D5.4 Test and monitoring layout. (M28-USTUTT): Results and analysis of the data collected. Configuration of the test and sensors network for monitoring. Gathers the data collected from the bridge sensor network. To assist the reader a summary of objectives for all six Work Packages (WPs) are presented below: Work Package 1 The main objective of this WP is to define, manage and achieve the project goals while staying within the required technical, financial, quality, and timing guidelines. Work Package 2 The objectives of this WP are to design the FASSTbridge methodology for assessing remaining fatigue life and to develop the strengthening and maintenance approaches. Work Package 3 The main objective of this WP is to determine the most suitable materials for the strengthening system, which is comprised of an adhesive and a carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) panel. Work Package 4 The aim of this WP is to validate the adopted strengthening system, developed in work package 3, through a well-defined experimental approach. Work Package 5 The main goal of WP 5 is to demonstrate the FASSTbridge solution by applying it in the field, in a real case study using a bridge in Madrid, Spain. Work Package 6 The main goal of this WP is to ensure that the project’s practical outcomes are widely disseminated to the appropriate target individuals and communities.